Looking for staff to expand your team or fully outsource the IT work, we can provide the right staff with the right skills.


Finding the right staff is always a challenge, especially when you have limited time to find resources. Our staff augmentation service frees you up to focus on your business.

At RightAPPS, staff augmentation isn’t just about putting a contractor in place to get the job done. We like to establish long term partnerships with our clients and have many repeat customers.  We focus on understanding your business objectives, requirements and expectations to ensure we fit the right person to the job – delivering a high standard candidate who can  create the outcomes that you wish to achieve.

RightAPPS provide tailored and skilled technical resources. For our clients, staff augmentation removes HR and recruitment processes and pressures, allowing you flexibility to deploy an individual or team of skilled contract staff to deliver your project, rather than taking on an employee directly.

What are the benefits?

  • Great flexibility on scaling an IT team as required to achieve desired outcome
  • Predictable pricing and cost effective
  • Reduce people management time and costs
  • Work with proven individuals with the right skills

At RightAPPS, we are confident our in-depth understanding of the technical skills and competencies you need for your project, will deliver significant value for your investment.

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